One, two, three, four, can we kill some thousands more…

…five, six, seven eight, Die, you counter-revolutionary scum of the Zinoviev-Trotsky Left-Right Center conspiracy!!!!

Yezhov, Stalin’s executioner in the great purges, strangles, like Hercules in his crib, the snakes of anti-bolshevik agitation.

From The Court of the Red Tsar by Simon Sebag Montefiore:

The principle of ordering murder like industrial quotas in the Five-Year Plan was …natural…The regions were to receive quotas for two categories: Category One – to be shot. Category Two – to be deported.

Murder by the numbers – many regions exceeded their quotas! Some ideas are so good, they get around, so we have Hitler remarking to his cronies, nervous about his proposed ‘final solution’ to the existence of the Jews, “Who remembers the Armenian genocide?” These guys studied history! And Stalin, after Hitler slaughters his enemies to take control of the Nazi party in the Night of the Long Knives remarks,

“Did you hear what happened in Germany? Some fellow that Hitler! Splendid! That’s a deed of some skill!”

Who says these monsters didn’t study their craft and take pride in their work? So, I wonder, did Hitler watch Stalin, and learn from him about industrialized murder? His version was more focused, but it had different aims, I guess.

5 Responses to One, two, three, four, can we kill some thousands more…

  1. troutsky says:

    You might find this interesting, The Origins of Nazi Violence by Enzo Traverso. Taking off where Arendts Origins of Totalitarianism left off,describes the final Solution as the “terrible intersection of European modernitys industrialization of killing,(think WW1)dehumanization of death and colonialist mindset.I find your site and arguments with Brian interesting,I have started blogging at troutsky.blogspot (a Luddite,I havent yet figured out linkage)and need a visitor to feel like I exist.

  2. Lichanos says:

    “…terrible intersection of European modernity’s industrialization of killing…”

    That sounds right. I am most fascinated by the 18th century and the first half of the 20th century in Europe. The first period began to absorb modernity; in the second, civilization began to cough, gag, choke, and finally succeeded in swallowing. The forces unleashed almost overwhelmed it. Now other parts of the world are going through the same deal. [see my post of 12.20.04 ]

  3. Ducky's here says:

    Did Hitler watch Stalin? Stalin was carting them away in “the red cows” long before Hitler got the idea of mass deportation.

    Nothing ever slowed down Stalin. At the end of the war he managed to nearly annihilate the Chechens and Ingush.

  4. troutsky says:

    There is a review of Tim Snyder’s Bloodlands:Europe Between Hitler and Stalin that is chilling in its admission of how it is “frustratingly hard to draw the line between victim and victimizer”. The various ethnic, tribal religious, nationalist hatreds let loose by the cataclysm are terrifying. Each symbolic leader, Hitler -Stalin, had armies of collaboraters to help in the massacres.

    The question he asks concerns the legacy of so much blood letting.

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