Onward Christian Soldiers II

At at recent meeting of the Family Research Council (FRC), it’s head, Gary Bauer, formerly a candidate for president, voiced the following sentiment in favor of “non-partisanship:” It’s not so important we elect people with an ‘R’ next to their name as people with a ‘C’ next to it. Well, there are parties, and there are parties…of God. C is for Christian, of course. No J(ew)s, B(uddhist)s, M(oslem)s, J(ain)s, H(indu)s or others need apply. Not to mention the A‘s, i.e. atheists and agnostics. Our majority leader of the Senate, Bill Frist, was happy to speak there and endorse many of Bauer’s claims.

Such is the sorry state of church-state relations in the USA today. Do these people not understand that it is precisely the separation that gives them the freedom to practice their creed, however literalistic and narrow-minded it may be? Do they honestly believe that by making our nation more Christian, they are honoring its commitment to religious freedom and tolerance? (No, they have no interest in that – they are theocrats.)

This sort of thing is often referred to as ‘muscular’ Christianity. It was in vogue during the heyday of the British Empire. I suppose it’s at least more up-front than the whining pseudo-victimhood so often adopted by the bashers of secularism, i.e., the claim that religion is being persecuted in the USA! I often hear and read comments that religion is ‘denigrated’ in the public sphere!! An atheist, even one that is genuinely and openly respectful of religion (and there are many) couldn’t be elected dog catcher in this country. I’d say religion is pretty safe, and is, in fact, on a roll, seeking to extend its sway. Here is the link to my Christian Soldiers I.

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