Steady On, Now Lads!

Yea, it looks pretty grim, it does! No matter, let’s keep piling on the bodies. Worked for our granddads in the Great War, WWI. We weren’t making progress – loosing hundreds of thousands of men in the space of a few hours to gather up a few yards of mud onto our winning side, but we kept on. Some fellow wrote a sentimental poem, “In Flanders Fields,” seemed like a tribute to the poor grunts in the trenches, but it was really a call to arms against those who wanted to try and negotiate a peace, so we kept on, lost a few million men, and probably made things worse in the long-run. And what was the argument? “We owe it to the dead.” Do the dead care? Do the dead, crowding up the Elysian fields really need the company of more soldier corpses? Same argument came up during the last great conflict, the point of which our army had forgotten, Vietnam. Can’t pull out, can’t show weakness, it will embolden our enemies, we’re fightin’ for our lives, can’t let down those who have died. Now the USSR is gone, China is going capitalistic, and the South Vietnamese, bless ’em, want nothing more than to be our good buddies and trading partners. But, we should have kept on…

So today, when a decorated veteran (no, not Kerry!) calls for a pullout, cites the grievous mis-handling of the war, the false intelligence, the fact that our presence makes us a target that inflames the situation. When he points out that we are accomplishing NOTHING positive, when he asks, “Does our administration HAVE a strategy?” we are given rejoinders such as: “We owe it to those who have sacrificed (no, not Cheney!) to keep on [dying]”. “We will not cut and run.” No, we will stay and die for no good reason, much more sensible. Well, I’m asking for volunteers from the administration to be the last man, or woman (c’mon Condi!) to die for a mistake.

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