Curmudgeon’s Breakfast

Some things (people) that I hate:

  • Cellphones with loud, obnoxious rings
  • People who talk on cellphones in a loud voice, all the time
  • People who look like crazy street people because they are talking on a cellphone that is plugged into their ear
  • Not getting as much sleep as I want
  • Being told I sleep too much
  • People who can’t construe a simple logical argument
  • People who assume that personal experience defines all intellectual propositions
  • Eternal optimists who will never acknowledge that their optimism is misplaced
  • Eternal pessimists who will never acknowledge that their pessimism is misplaced
  • People who are neither optimists nor pessimists, but are not realists
  • People who think people are divided into ‘two groups’
  • Political fanatics
  • Religious zealots
  • People who claim to be agnostics, not understanding that to refrain from believing is to be a non-believer
  • Vulgar rationalism, i.e., crackpot materialism cum atheism
  • Dostoyevsky’s writing style
  • People who think that Nietzche is the greatest philosopher in Western thought
  • Ayn Rand
  • The state of contemporary publishing
  • ‘Conservatives’ who cite Adam Smith but have never read him
  • 99.9% of what’s on TV
  • Being told that by not watching TV ‘I am missing lots of good stuff’
  • Advertisements before movies when I am in a theatre
  • Movie trailers

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