What did Johnny or Jane See?!!




























Here is just a sampling of the nakedness, i.e., nudity that the wandering eyes of a youngster might see in any number of art museums. Vicious places, those! Read the article below:

A veteran art teacher has reached a settlement with the North Texas school district that had suspended her after a student caught a glimpse of nude artwork on field trip. Under the settlement, approved Monday by the school board, the teacher, Sydney McGee, gave up her job but will be paid the balance of her $57,600 annual salary through next May. . . . The agreement ended a dispute that broke out after Ms. McGee led 89 fifth graders from Wilma Fisher Elementary School on a visit last April to the Dallas Museum of Art. Ms. McGee was berated the next day by the principal, Nancy Lawson, who later complained in a memorandum that “students were exposed to nude statues and other nude art representations, and time was not used wisely for learning during the trip.

Well, they’re not all nude, there are some fig leaves, real, not figurative, present. And that leaf on old Apollo, that was added by some Counter-Reformation prudes, I believe. And they are not all great stuff either. That “Birth of Venus” (second row, far left) by W. A. Bouguereau belongs in the shoebox with the other high-class porn, I think. Still, he sure could paint!

One Response to What did Johnny or Jane See?!!

  1. mitsos says:

    That’s a funny coincidence: last week my gf took her 1st graders from Harlem to a field trip at the Met and one of the sculptures they saw was a nude. Some of the kids were giggling, and one of the kids’s moms who had joined the trip, told her kid: “Oh you be quiet now! You have one just like it…”
    And that was that.

    We were just discussing it at dinner yesterday, and now I read this! What a difference in the reactions!

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