Mukasey Gets a Pass

I’m trying to figure out, without recourse to dark conspiracy theories, why Senators Schumer and Feinstein decided to give Mukasey a pass in his confirmation hearings for the post of U.S. Attorney General. Let’s see; waterboarding is an interrogation measure developed by the Spanish inquisitors; it’s deemed a war-crime in today’s laws; it is illegal under may agreements and laws that the U.S. has or agrees to; but our would-be chief law enforcement officer won’t say it’s illegal. He is repelled by it, says the Prez must obey the law (well, sort of…) and he is against it, but…

I imagine the logic goes something like this: Bush and his hack former G-man, Gonzalez, authorized torture; torture is illegal; if the new AG agrees it’s illegal, they are vulnerable to civil actions for redress. Bush is not going to nominate or appoint anyone who would agree to this position, so Mukasey, an intelligent and professionally qualified person, is the best we are going to get. The alternative is to leave the post open until the new president is elected.

This amounts to letting the Prez have his way, and I’m not clear on why the two senators have concluded that this is the right way to resolve the situation. That’s politics…

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