Editorial Statement


Sorry to intrude myself so personally here – not that I am not present everywhere in this blog – but I feel the need to unburden myself in a particularly intimate way just now. No, I will not reveal the nature of my sexual, dining, or foot care product preferences. I do feel like making an editorial statement after having spent a fair amount of time in the past weeks looking at other blogs around.

Well, I promise that I will not post long lists of favorite this’s or that’s. Why do people do that? Would you be interested in seeing a list of my favorite books and films? I know there are plenty of better review sites.

How about putting video clips of favorite films here? I thought of that, but you can go to Youtube for that. Music…ditto. And who cares what I think about music anyway, I can’t even play an instrument.

Alas, this blog remains nothing but a running tally of what ideas are on my mind from day to day. I think that’s why it gets so few readers. That is, who cares about ideas anymore? ¬† And who cares about my ideas?

I have realized that the best ways to increase the traffic to my blog would be to post lots of sexy (I should say, pornograhic) pictures of women in various states of undress and arousal; to discuss sex a lot; to engage in vitriolic ranting and raving about political subjects in an obnoxious and insulting way; and to go out of my way to provoke people everywhere. But that would be to become part of mass society at its worst – another voice in the wilderness of the mass-net, with a wide and shallow readership – contributing to the deafening roar of nonsense in our world. Instead, I remain the sole village idiot of my own little intellectual hamlet.

8 Responses to Editorial Statement

  1. elberry says:

    Best just to write what gives you pleasure. My blog began in June 2005 as something to do. It had less than 5 readers a day for about 9 months. i’d post pics of women if i felt like it, or rant and be insulting likewise, because i felt like it and as far as i could tell had next to no readers. It’s only picked up more than 20 regular readers a day in the last 6 months or so, i think; and half of those know me in ‘real life’, so don’t really count.

    Since almost no one makes any money out of blogging, you should neither let people bully you into tact nor angle for praise. Well, that’s my view, anyway.

  2. troutsky says:

    I think it’s a varied and interesting site I will add to my blogroll. expect traffic from thinking radicals (and the occasional moron whose mission is to follow them around like houseflies)

  3. lichanos says:

    Many thanks to elberry and toutsky for your kind words, your interest, and your links.

  4. Jeremy says:

    “I remain the sole village idiot of my own little intellectual hamlet.”

    Reminds me of what I said to you 28 years ago in a cafe in Crete: “Who listens to us anyway?”

  5. ca d'oro says:

    I read your blog precisely because you quote some interesting trained authors written in the days when literary quality was controlled by editors and the writers were masters of their craft.

    Most blogs these days are just drivelling diaries of uncontrolled verbiage, and of interest to no-one but the authors.

    I stumbled on a collection of authors you had singled out as your favourites while researching De Quincey’s Confessions and enjoyed your selection.
    Your choice sets me off on other literary tracks to explore.

    I know how it is-you wonder if anyone is reading and sometimes you need the feedback. There usually are more than you imagine!

  6. lichanos says:

    Thank you for your very kind words, ca d’oro! I wish you happy reading in the circle of the romantic opium eaters!

  7. Man of Roma says:

    Your approach seems a bit pessimistic to me and it doesn’t consider your potential, which is considerable in my view.

    There is also another important aspect.
    If you are interested in communicating your ideas, communication has its rules. One can have no matter what interests, niche or mass-culture – how you say things is almost as important as what you say.

    Not that I have such an audience – 150,000 hits in almost 2 years is a meagre result compared to fellow bloggers who got millions (!!) in shorter time.

    [Have a look at Nita: http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/ ]

    Nonetheless I have noticed that some writings of mine ‘communicate’ better than others and get more attention, even if the subject matter is historical or literary.

    Of course with matters like sex things are much easier. But take my 5 posts on Roman sex. Talking about the same topic they should get more or less the same amount of hits. No, they don’t. It’s the first one – Sex and the city (of Rome). 1 – that gets most of them. I believe this is due to a better shaped communication structure.

  8. Man of Roma says:


    If you analyse Nita’s posts they are all well structured and capture very well the attention of the reader even if content is very serious and sometimes technical. She is in fact a journalist.

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