We Were Slaves in Egypt…

 abaxter2 les dix commandements

 les dix commandements abaxter1


When I was a boy, I loved The Ten Commandments. I must have gone to see it three or four times in the theatre, and it wasn’t because I was transfixed by the holiness and religious import of the Passover story. No, I had a crush on Anne Baxter.

In the film, she plays pharaoh’s sister, Nefertiti, who of course, is also, or will be his wife…but it’s Moses she loves. Visiting his slave quarters where he lives with his devoted wife after he has shirked court and high life, she tries once more to win him back before he’s off on the Exodus. “Oh, Moses, Moses, Moses…!” Can you imagine writing that?  Unfortunately, I didn’t find a still of that scene, she in a stunning silver lame dress and lustrous black hair, enviously surveying the slave hut, a society girl who is risking all for her last chance at true love and happiness and hating the humble slave who has won a place besides Moses. Well, she needn’t be too envious: it’s obvious that Moses loves only his Calling now.

Personally, I think the influence of Art Deco is very clear in this film’s costuming.

6 Responses to We Were Slaves in Egypt…

  1. jahsonic says:

    And art deco was very much influenced by Egyptomania, see for example movie theaters such as Egyptian Theatre all over America.

  2. lichanos says:

    Egyptomania comes and goes…Napoleon I sparked quite a wave of it too. Deco was great at absorbing all sorts of ornament schemes: In So Cal where I grew up, there was a huge tire factory on the way to Disneyland with Assyrian figures on the facade. Pre-Columbian deco was big in LA.

    I still cannot leave comments at your site…you don’t know what you’re missing….

  3. jahsonic says:

    Is the comment problem still persisting? Nurse Myra left some, so I guess no tech problems from Australia to Belgium.


  4. troutsky says:

    Our local theatre here on the edge of nowhere is called The Pharaoh plex. Totally deco.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The name of the character Baxter played was “Nefretiri.” Loved her see-through top! 🙂

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