Is this Evil?

Somewhere I read a definition of what is an evil person:  An evil person addresses his own problems by inflicting pain and suffering on others.  I think that makes the Burmese ruling junta a perfect example of evil personalities at work.  Thousands are in agony and dying without reason, while the junta, jealously protecting its position, does very little.  Better that the little people should die than that they should suffer any threat to their position.

2 Responses to Is this Evil?

  1. Hedda says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if i could use this picture in a project at school. It´s not going to be published or something, only my fellow students will have a look at it. Thank you!

  2. lichanos says:


    I took it off the Internet. Not sure if I violated copyright, but I figure nobody will be upset. Use it if you like.

    As a follow-up, while the junta is definitely a bunch of brutal, narrow minded evil guys, subsequent news about the disaster in Burma seems to indicate that they didn’t frustrate help getting to the countryside as much as people feared at first. That’s what I read, anyway.

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