The Flesh, the Devil, Greta & John…

From the  Garbo silent film, “Flesh and the Devil.”  Greta plays a femme fatale whose first victim is Leo, an army officer from a castle nearby.  At a ball…

…he sees her again, he’s done for now!  “May I have this waltz..?”  She says yes, and glides towards him like a vampire going for the neck…

vlcsnap-360591 vlcsnap-360764 vlcsnap-360917

vlcsnap-361214 vlcsnap-361461 vlcsnap-361567

vlcsnap-361635 vlcsnap-361719 vlcsnap-362952

After the dance, the slip off into the garden for a while.  The scene, technically advanced for the day, is lit by matches and moonlight.  He tells her the obvious – “You are very beautiful.”  She makes a moue and says, “You are very young…”  They do the cigarette exchange drill before the inevitable passionate kiss…followed by a period of …bliss.

vlcsnap-363425 vlcsnap-363215 vlcsnap-363319

vlcsnap-364137 vlcsnap-364575 vlcsnap-364760

vlcsnap-364945 vlcsnap-365466 vlcsnap-3661551

Some shots from their illicit domestic ecstasy – does he not know she’s married?  (Of course, why should he care..?  He’s an officer!)  Garbo’s glittering dress, painted lips, and her tangled clutch with John Gilbert (her lover in off-screen life) creates some of the silent screen’s more memorable images…but the husband intrudes, and a duel is scheduled.

vlcsnap-368210 vlcsnap-3664121 vlcsnap-366755

vlcsnap-367159 vlcsnap-367959 vlcsnap-368513

Oh dear…Leo killed the husband and had to flee the law.  His friend Ulrich obeys his parting words and goes to her to see that she is taken care of…Of course, Ulrich is rich…if she needs anything at all, please just call…How can she fail to give him the privilege of lighting her cigarette?  He fumbles with several matches, but succeeds at last.  He’s finished!

vlcsnap-370682 vlcsnap-3698081 vlcsnap-3698901

vlcsnap-369994 vlcsnap-370799 vlcsnap-371018


In the end, Ulrich and Leo are reunited in undying friendship, with the fatal woman out of the way thanks to some conveniently thin ice that shattered and swallowed her up as she rushed to prevent them from shooting each other in yet another affair of honor…

2 Responses to The Flesh, the Devil, Greta & John…

  1. troutsky says:

    Very few women leave a trail of corpses like that anymore. Dull times indeed.

  2. lichanos says:

    Ah, a committed revolutionary with a taste for sensual romance! Too few and far between…

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