There will be tedium…


Time to put on my cranky critic hat again.  This film, There Will be Blood, was hailed as a masterpiece of epic film making.  As I am on my own during this long Thanksgiving weekend, and I’ve been watching a lot of films, I decided to finally see it.  All two or three hours of it…

My reaction to this work is consternation that it was seen as anything more than a brilliantly filmed shaggy dog story.  For such a long film, there was a remarkable lack of suspense, or even excitement.  I kept waiting for something to develop, but it just moved on and on, following the capitalist escapades of Daniel Plainview.  (If you want to get a close view of the hard, dangerous world of early 20th century oilmen, this film’s for you.  That part was interesting.)  Along the way, Plainview kills a man claiming to be his brother…why?  Does he really care about his lost family?  We never know.

The characters go nowhere, don’t develop – we have no idea where they come from or why they are as they are.  We just drop in from Mars and watch for a few hours until the grand guignol ending sets us free.  Do people think this film had something to say about America?  Capitalism?  Religion?? Sorry…I don’t.  The music – the modern portions – were really annoying, and why was Brahm’s violin concerto chosen to accompany our boredom?


One Response to There will be tedium…

  1. nursemyra says:

    yes, a much overrated film

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