The Temptation of Doctor Antonio is the Fellini contribution to the four stories told in Boccaccio ’70, which was released in 1962.  (Story goes, the producers joked it wouldn’t be allowed on-screen until 1970.)  The good doctor is on a crusade against filth and smut in Roman social life but he meets his match when a gargantuan billboard showing Anita Ekberg reclining seductively on a couch is erected in a park directly opposite his window.  It’s an advertisement for milk!

Slowly, the doctor’s sexual frustrations unravel him, and the billboard comes to life as a thirty-foot tall sex goddess who is a bit put out that he cannot just see things her way.  In the image above, she has reappeared as a normal-sized (but not normally endowed) woman so she can have a little fun chasing Dr. A. about.  Then she goes back to super, duper, jumbo size and begins to undress.

This story is so simple, the satire is so uncomplicated and familiar, but the treatment of it is hilarious, sexy, fresh, surprising, and all-out crazy!  Another Fellini triumph.

Dr. Antonio confronts his nemesis, by day and during a “pagan” night ritual.

vlcsnap-637253 vlcsnap-638421

The goddess full-size, and looking very angry with the good doctor.



The doctor acts out his repressed childhood fantasy of pinching and fondling his aunt’s breasts, but with a giant-sized incarnation of the devil-woman.



One Response to Temptation

  1. jahsonic says:

    Of all the 4 segments, I liked this one the least, I thought it was really silly. Truth is, I don’t “get” Fellini.

    The White Sheik (1952) is the only film of him I’d like to see, perhaps Juliet of the Spirits (1965) too.

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