Deep, deep, deeper…


Audition, is a very creepy film by a Japanese director known for creepiness, Takashi Miike.  A middle-aged, middle-class widower wants to remarry, so his cut-up of a friend in the entertainment business suggests they do an audition for a maybe real, maybe phoney show.  He meets the girl of his dreams, an aspiring actress who wants the main part.

Problem is, she’s a bit of a nut case.  The film is a little of Fatal Attraction, Psycho, and a whole lot of other horror films thrown together, but it’s paced surely, and it is actually quite restrained in its use of violence and gore, despite what you may read about it.  I mean, during the final scene when the lovely naif shown above is torturing her victim and severs his foot with a tourniquet wire, they don’t show the foot, blood, or anything.  How’s that for “art?” 

It is rather difficult to watch, but not as disturbing as what you might think from the reviews, just a different arty-Japanese twist on an old theme of the avenging femme fatale.  As she pushes the needles into the paralyzed body she’s tormenting (the drug prevents movement but not the feeling of pain) she says, “Deep, deep, deeper…” But then, maybe I just have a thick skin, heh, heh, heh…

There are all sorts of ways you could interpret this film:  misogynistic, sadistic, subversive of traditional male sexist values, kinky-erotic, whatever.  The director denies them all. 

I was most taken by the portrait of the main character, a regular guy with a little too much of the traditional romantic in him who got sucked in way, way over his head!

2 Responses to Deep, deep, deeper…

  1. jahsonic says:

    One of my alltime faves, thanks for plugging this one. Despite what you say, and maybe because of the not showing of the tourniquet wire and severed leg, this film is at times hard to watch, just as that other film which does not actually show any violence: Funny Games by Haneke.

    The rest of my alltime top ten (one for every decade) is

    :Peeping Tom (1960) by Michael Powell, A Clockwork Orange (1971) by Stanley Kubrick, Videodrome (1983) by David Cronenberg, Romance X (1999) by Catherine Breillat.

    With the 2000s coming to an end, I’ll have to thinks of a top film for that decade. And I notice I cheat for the 1990s, with two entries.

  2. nursemyra says:

    i wonder if this available at my local dvd shop…. I’d like to see it.

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