Knife Throwing


When I was a boy, I was very proud of my collection of paperback books, mostly classics.  They were packed tightly on a bookshelf.  I was also fond of building plastic models of cars and planes, and so had a collection of X-acto knives that I used to trim parts.  One day I discovered the joys of knife throwing!  I would hurl the blades across the room at the books, and they would penetrate the flat spines of the classics with a satisfying “thunk” while the blade and handle would vibrate…”doinnnng….”  (I also enjoyed setting fires with a large magnifying glass, and setting off mini-explosions with accumulated gunpowder from caps.)

Yes, well, so I was taken by the knife throwing scene on Jahsonic’s blog from “Girl on the Bridge.”  A conjunction of those two old favorites:  sex & death.   My montage is below, but you can see the original scene of the first stage act at his site.

This film is an enjoyable, wacky fairy tale with an intense and strange thread of eroticism running through it, but the relationship of the two main characters is not…well…physical.  There’s nothing like a near-death experience to make a nice girl feel really alive!  If I had only known what gets a girl going, maybe I’d have thrown my knives in a different direction!  Of course, as the Richard Sala image up top shows, accidents do happen.  (In this movie too, to hilarious effect, if you can believe it.)

As I mused on the theme of Platonic love in this movie, I thought of another favorite of mine, “Intimate Strangers,” and was amused to learn that they are both by Patrice Leconte.  I should have made the connection.   Such a theme isn’t exactly common in movies these days.

trop intimesThe original title is “Confidences Trop Intimes,and I think the translation would be more accurate but less felicitous as “Inapproprate Confidences.”  A troubled woman on a first visit to a therapist, opens the wrong door, sits down, and starts spilling her guts.  The man is an accountant – people tell him their secrets all the time, for tax purposes – but he figures out pretty quickly la femme nikitawhat’s going on.  She’s so beautiful and helpless though, he cannot bring himself to tell her the truth.  And so it goes on…Eventually, their relationship is broken off, then reinstated, but on a basis of honesty and full disclosure.  They both crave the friendship of a good listener.  Sandra Bonnaire is lovely – another skinny, boney, French actress with high cheek bones – and the uncredited supporting actor is the cigarette.  If you think smoking can only be seen as a foul habit, this film might change your mind.

2 Responses to Knife Throwing

  1. jahsonic says:

    Now I’ll have to check Intimate Strangers. Mind you, I try to see everything by Leconte. He belongs to my top 10 contemporaries.

  2. suburbanlife says:

    Some of the shots of Daniel Auteuil are fabulous and intense. He is my favourite French Actor! I’ll have to hunt down a copy of Intimate Strangers! G

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