Men without power

Tough Cookie From Detour. Ann Savage plays a real piece of work.  She develops feelings for this poor guy whom she holds prisoner for a while with a secret she hangs over him.  He doesn’t reciprocate, but he does kill her, accidentally.  He never does get to see his girlfriend in L.A. Lee Marvin, Walker, in Point Blank.  Sharon Acker, in full 60’s starlet mode, as his wife.  She dies – kills herself with pills.  He shoots a lot, but doesn’t really kill anyone.  This picture says a lot about their chemistry, and maybe why she left him for the hood he wants to kill.  He’s more interested in getting back his $93,000 than her.  Some viewers suggest that Walker is actually dead and is dreaming the entire movie before he dies..?  There does seem to be a lack of…potency…in evidence here. The women he loves all seem to have silver nail polish…

A bit limp
A quieter moment on the road.

On a detour


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