Hey, man! That’s cool.


Things aren’t looking too hot here in the USA for 2008.

Read more here at the excellent post on climate science, Watt’s Up with That?


2 Responses to Hey, man! That’s cool.

  1. troutsky says:

    The anti- man caused warming set uses such data . (of course, only when it suits them. Normally they pooh pooh it.)

  2. lichanos says:

    Well, actually, if you look at the original post, it seems that the AGW set was cherry picking their data…

    Science advances through falsification. This appears as counter-evidence to the AGW argument, therefore it is relevant. You wouldn’t expect skeptics to hunt for evidence supporting AGW – that’s not their job! You WOULD expect advocates of AGW to have an explanation for this, and I’m sure they do…

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