faux_dogReaders of my blog will recall that I have great admiration for Paul Krugman and the service he has done our body-politic with his commentaries in the NYTimes.  However, like all things, he is not perfect, and today’s column shows him in full form as an out-of-touch, intellectual crank with a tin ear for the realities of politics. 

Obama didn’t say everything he would have said, so he’s obviously got it all wrong.  He expects the new prez to deliver a policy-wonk speech to welcome us to his administration.  As for the remarks Obama made about how we Americans didn’t make the “hard choices” necessary, and how we all share some blame for our problems, how about interpreting that to mean that in the past we were content to vote for politicians who told us we could get everything without paying for it, especially if the we give a lot back to the rich…which is what all of us would be if we would just cut taxes.  Krug’s remarks are similar to his silliest columns during the primary race for the nomination.

Put a sock in it Paul, and wait a bit before weighing in with both guns blazing.


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