I am not crazy!!


In an earlier post, Have YOU Heard It?, I commented on the weird phenomenon of the west side IRT “humming” the opening notes of the West Side Story ballad, “There’s a Place for Us.”  In case you missed it, or thought I was nuts, the NYTimes has finally taken note of it with this story:  Under Broadway, the Subway Hums Bernstein.

4 Responses to I am not crazy!!

  1. troutsky says:

    Like the computer in 2001 Space Odyssey singing Daisy?

  2. Man of Roma says:

    The new propulsion system was started in 2000 on those trains (I learn from the NYT article). Humans recognise melodies by the intervals of notes, which create patterns we can recognize. So, what is it, a joke, hazard, a secret message, some of Berstein’s relatives and /or fans, or what lol? You wrote the other post on February 17, 2005. It seems pretty early. Were you among the first to reveal this? This whole thing is interesting. And very funny!

  3. lichanos says:

    Pure chance, I think. Yes, I was way ahead of the crowd. I must be very special…

    Somebody told me he thinks it’s the “revenge” of the spirits of those who lived on the West Side and who were evicted when their “slum” neighborhood was destroyed to build Lincoln Center.

  4. Man of Roma says:

    A revenge? Wow. But then, if you were the first, tell them. Sometimes newspapers even steal ideas from blogs, I’ve heard. They are going through a big crisis, NYT included. I don’t understand why they don’t open up to blogs interaction (with moderation, of course). Instead, in order to comment there one has to register, there’s no blog cross-linking etc. It might be suicidal in the long run. (I think I’ve shifted a bit.)

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