Cruisin’ with Immanuel Kant


Petra von Kant crying bitter tears

Wow! How’s this for an introduction to the great thinker!


from the Introduction to The Critique of Pure Reason (Penguin Classics) Marcus Weigelt (Editor, Introduction, Translator), Max Muller (Translator)

5 Responses to Cruisin’ with Immanuel Kant

  1. jahsonic says:

    Is the image from the Italian film the Matriarca?

  2. lichanos says:

    No, from The Bitter Tears of Petra von KANT.

  3. troutsky says:

    “The German poet Heinrich Heine once said of Immanuel Kant that the history of his life would be hard to write, since Kant had neither life nor history.”

  4. lichanos says:

    Troutsky –

    The intro says he eschewed the company of fellow philosopher-academics, and liked to hang out with “regular guys.” He was also pretty mean at billiards. Heine sounds pretty nasty.

  5. Man of Roma says:

    I remember having read that people set there watch when he passed around a certain corner of a certain street, since he was a man of totally fixed habits. But I might be wrong.

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