By the numbers…


214,753 bloggers, 211,733 new posts, 51,364,877 words today.

That’s the news at the WordPress dashboard today.  Now, I like the Internet, and blogging…obviously, but a dyspeptic critic might look at that line and say, echoing Gustave Flaubert’s apocryphal remark,

 “The Internet allows lots of people to meet and be stupid together!”

Could you ask for a better statement of the essence of mass society?  Nothing matters but numbers.  Quality?  Only numbers.  See how many words we have!

4 Responses to By the numbers…

  1. Man of Roma says:

    I totally agree. Suffice to notice which blogs are the most successful in WordPress and in other blog companies.

  2. Cederash says:

    Очень хороший пост! Спасибо за проделанную работу!

  3. Avertedd says:

    Просто замечательно – очень интересные мысли

  4. troutsky says:

    Quality and quantity have an interesting relationship.

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