Post-racial America

Yep, any day now...So, Rudy Giuliani was speaking to a gathering of orthodox Jews in Brooklyn and said that the city’s frightening, crime-ridden days could swiftly return if they don’t come out to vote and give the mayor [Bloomberg] a third term.  You all remember that pogrom in Crown Heights, when that…black guy…was mayor, right?  

Yesterday, Public Advocate-in-waiting Bill de Blasio said Giuliani’s comments verged on “race-baiting” and called on Bloomberg to disavow them to “show that he doesn’t buy into that kind of rhetoric.”

Instead, Bloomberg responded by invoking Detroit as an example of a city that went downhill and is “basically holding on for dear life.

The wrinkled white knight, former Mayor Ed Koch rode to his rescue.  “That isn’t racism, Detroit will never recover.  That’s a fact!” 

Yes, maybe so,  but what does it have to do with NYC? 

Uh…I hope that NYC doesn’t go the way of …Mali, or, uh…the Congo!  It could happen ya know.


One Response to Post-racial America

  1. troutsky says:

    Do you suppose the Montana Militia is interested in forming all black chapters in the Bronx or Detroit or East St. Louis?
    BTW, isn’t it time Koch came out of the closet?

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