Big deal.

Big Deal

There’s nothing more to say, is there?

…except, “Thank You, Alfred!”  

Well, I can say a little more.  To celebrate this milestone, I have listed below fifteen posts that are favorites of mine.  They are not the most visited or most commented:  just the ones that are favorites of mine for one reason or another.  I have listed them in oldest-first order:

11 Responses to Big deal.

  1. Man of Roma says:

    Congrats!! Wow, 500!! I wrote not even 200. I will read what you like best only if you promise you’ll reply to possible comments from me even if they are old posts. People usually don’t do this, weird.

  2. Man of Roma says:

    I wanted to visit more here recently, but was overwhelmed by the reaction to my controversial, first, and well accepted, later, 2 sex so to say posts of mine.

  3. troutsky says:

    A very provocative, always interesting blog I recommend to others. Do 500 more.

  4. lichanos says:

    Do 500 more.

    Okay, you asked for it!

    Thanks, Troutsky, for your very kind words.

  5. Man of Roma says:

    I find this blog is one of the most interesting and smart around, and you have your special and personal way on so many things. You teach things to readers.

  6. lichanos says:



    …have your special and personal way on so many things.

    In English, we have what is called the Personal Essay. I guess Montaigne is considered its “inventor,” at least in the West. If there is any literary form in which I have ever felt a tiny bit creative, that is it.

  7. Man of Roma says:

    I really think you are creative on that and other things.

    Let the ranter rant.

    Montaigne is in fact the inventor of what you’re saying not only for the English world, it is known his introspection having started a new literary genre in the modern era. Although he added entertainment and introspection (with his profundity remaining intact)and developed what Seneca and Marcus Aurelius (and others) had already done. Differently from them, he was of course influenced by both the Classical and the Judeo-Christian tradition, the two legs of the Western Body, a metaphor I like very much.

    It was created by Professor Phillip Cary and has been described not without some brilliance by Andreas Kluth, from The Hannibal Blog, *here* and *here*. It might interest you.

    I feel the need of coming to terms with both legs. AND, if I get religious again, I will SUE you, ça va sans dire.

    I’ll start right away in my next post dedicated to ‘How anyone can easily learn Latin and ancient Greek”, a post I had in mind since 3 years (!), but I am writing it only now.

    I am a God too, you know. Of laziness and procrastination.

  8. […] I told Lichanos over at his blog – his posts were inspiring as for the 'other Judeo-Christian leg': "I feel the need of coming to […]

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