Spring for me

Not flowers, sunny weather, birds singing – that’s not the image of Spring for me, although those things are all part of it, and are nice.  When I think Spring, I think of the disappearance of the snow, the ice, the cracking up of the soil’s hard surface, and the sudden appearance of…life, like green sprigs popping out of the blasted surface of a volcanic lava flow, or bubbling slime showing up on the hitherto dead surface of the earth, 3.5 billion years ago.

And while I muse on this, the strangeness of life is impressed on me again by a visitor to my window sill, a mourning dove, cooing.


3 Responses to Spring for me

  1. that’s great, meanwhile the southern half of the world has moved from daylight saving to early nights, nostalgic, icy winds and no more applying sunblock

  2. I know which hemisphere I’d rather be in right now. Brrrrr.

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