New World Order

Circa 1540, a map of the New World.  I saw this at the New York Public Library exhibit on the history of mapping the NYC shoreline.  The same image with coloring is shown below in an image from the University of Houston.  A description of the map from a  dealer follows.

Amazing image!  Looking at this, one understands what that common phrase, The New World, really meant!

An early example of Munster’s map of America, first issued in 1540. The earliest map of all of America and the first to name the Pacific Ocean (Mare Pacificum). It is also one of the earliest depictions of Japan. The depiction of North America is dominated by one of the most dramatic geographic misconceptions to be found on early maps—the so-called Sea of Verrazzano. The Pacific cuts deeply intov into North America so that the part of the coastline at this point is a narrow isthmus between two oceans. This was the result of Verrazzano mistaking the waters to the west of the Outer Banks, the long barrier islands along North Carolina as the Pacific. The division of the New World between Spain and Portugal Spain and Portugal is recognized on the map by the Castille and Leon flag planted in Puerto Rico, here called Sciana.

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