In the gutter

I don’t have too much to say about the film The Third Man – it’s so good, and I have liked if for so long…well, that’s enough.  Alida Valli is the girl, Joseph Cotton is the chump who falls for her, and for a lot of other stuff too.  She’s not too happy, but she’s living on borrowed time in bombed out Vienna.  She laughs once, and it’s almost like Garbo in Ninotchka.

Orson Welles is the mystery man, and of course he plays it as nobody else could.


The climactic sequence in the sewers of Vienna is marvelous, and not just because I am fascinated by sewers.  Or…maybe this movie is why I am fascinated by sewers.

That last long walk and wait, yielding nothing but disappointment…




One Response to In the gutter

  1. Ducky's here says:

    It may be perfect. The score still knocks me out.
    Welles’ largely improvised scene at the Prater.

    And the final long static frame as she walks past the dumb naive American was a first and a model for many to come.

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