M is for Murder

Fritz Lang, 1930, Peter Lorre…this film is so great, I don’t want to say much about it.

A serial killer of little girls is on the loose, the city is terrorized.  The criminal class wants to get back to the status quo ante.  A race to see who will get the killer – the cops or the crooks?  The cops aren’t stupid, and a lot of attention is paid to their methodical, painstaking, and tedious legwork to find him…and it pays off!  The crooks enlist the army of beggars to locate the man, and there are a lot of them in Weimar Berlin.  A final ‘trial’ that seems to put civilization and reason in the dock.

One Response to M is for Murder

  1. Ducky's here says:

    One of those films that makes you mourn the disappearance of B&W.

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