Time to Repeal Health Care Reform!

The Republican pledge to America includes a bit about repealing ‘Obamacare’, that awful adjustment to our national system of health non-insurance.  This excellent analysis in the NYTimes makes some very good points about that idea.

Yep, the reforms aren’t working…yet.  Oh, it’s true that you can’t be bumped from coverage for a pre-existing condition now.  And children are now covered under the plan of their parents until they are 26 years old  – how’s that for totalitarian oppression?  But some of the reforms aren’t going to work for a while yet, a few years.  In the meantime, there’s a lot of screaming going on as the insurance racket…er industry, tries to adjust to the minimal inconveniences that the new law imposes on them.

The article linked here focuses on ‘mini-meds’, those plans offered to low paid workers, like the ones at McDonalds, that cover expenses up to the sum of $2000 per year.  Try and get chemotherapy on that dime, will ya!  You can pay more and up the maximum to ten grand, but that’s chicken feed in the health disaster market.  Of course, looking on the positive side, these plans are better than nothing!  As the author points out, is that our litmus test for a good program these days?

By 2014, if we don’t repeal this law right darn quick! , these low-paid workers will be able to get real insurance plans, just like the one that John Boehner has – well, not quite – at an affordable price.  And furthermore:

For insurance companies, these changes won’t be quite so positive. They will no longer be able to sell plans that devote 30 percent of revenue to salaries for their workers. They will not be allowed to compete over which company can come up with the most ingenious ways to say no to the sick. Their benefits and prices will become more public, thanks to the exchanges.

Man the barricades, Tea Party-ers!  Kill the Bill!!

4 Responses to Time to Repeal Health Care Reform!

  1. Richard says:

    As the beneficiary of the British National Health Service, this is the first time I have been able to draw comparisons. For more than a year I have undergone expensive investigations at a leading London teaching hospital by a leading specialist. The only cost to me is through the taxes I pay anyway. I have nothing but admiration for the clinical team.

    Yet I am led to wonder whether those investigations were necessary in the first place and whether the system simply feeds the nation’s endemic hypochondria. That, the inevitable abuse of a “free” nationalised health service and the heavy overlay of bureaucracy make for a cripplingly expensive system.

    So inadequate is the NHS for ordinary ailments and procedures, however, that I and many others on ordinary means take out private health insurance for private consultations, referred by NHS general practitioners, with NHS specialists in a network of private hospitals. I have never had to use that cover, which, itself, has many shortcomings. For example, If you once use private provision, you exclude yourself from NHS prescriptions for treatment arising from that consultation.

    It really is a thorny problem.

  2. Lichanos says:

    Thorny, yes. The costs are staggering. But here in the USA, it is not uncommon for people to be financially ruined because of a serious illness and the associated costs. Not to mention the fact that many people have no insurance whatsoever or live in fear of loosing it if they are fired or change jobs.

    From the overall social point of view, I’d rather we were dealing with your problems than ours.

  3. Richard says:

    Neither is sustainable without fundamental change, but I agree that we start from a better base.

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