Nursery Rhyme

I remember this ditty from my childhood.  Do kids still sing songs like this?  Nobody knew where they came from or how old they were.  Has the Internet, Facebook, and continuous digital audio feed via earphones obliterated this folk-childhood culture, or does it yet remain?


8 Responses to Nursery Rhyme

  1. Man of Roma says:

    Obliterated, totally. Now we have Twitter.

  2. troutsky says:

    Ask grammar school teachers and I bet these rhymes still exist. And morph.

  3. Lichanos says:

    Great! Two comments, two completely opposite opinions!

  4. Man of Roma says:

    Mentioning Twitter was a jest of course. I cannot know what’s going on in the States. Here something survives but not much. Parents who want to pass Italian nursery rhymes to children buy books and read them aloud (as we did in fact). The spontaneous oral transmission of them possibly survives only in small towns.

  5. Man of Roma says:

    I wonder why nursery rhymes are often so horrifying.

    • Lichanos says:

      I had a friend as a boy who made remarks endlessly about death and doodoo (shit). I guess children are just drawn to what is perceived as taboo and frightening. Making a ditty up is one way of celebrating it and dissipating its power, perhaps.

  6. Man of Roma says:

    Maybe. I remember that fairy tales were also scary. As for rhymes, it’s not that my mother didn’t recite any to us, it was just us who had forgotten a lot of them, so we bought a book. It was fun.

  7. Ducky's here says:

    Nah, they get their material from Lady Gaga

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