United States of Glock

Once again, we have a vital demonstration of the importance of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  (I presume the Republican Congress read that amendment the other day!)  The right to bear arms, and to use them, is essential to the preservation of our free society.  Yes, that shooter was probably mentally ill, but his intent was good…er, his aim was good…uh…his heart was in the right place.  And if he had not had the right to his gun of choice – an old-fashioned six-shooter or Saturday Night Special just won’t hack it today – he wouldn’t have killed so many people and riled up so many gun control fanatics.  And nothing gets the Holy NRA going like a little political violence to explain away.  I’m sure they’re in high gear on Capitol Hill right now.

3 Responses to United States of Glock

  1. Peter says:

    If more people have guns, then of course more crazies have guns. People get upset, angry, out of control every day. If these upset and angry people also have access to guns then they are going to sometimes kill a lot more people and do a lot more damage very quickly, simply due to their anger combined with ready access to a gun. Without a gun, most of them will have a much greater limitation on the damage they can do. Would you rather be a victim of road rage by a person with a gun or without one?

  2. Ducky's here says:

    Gun shops are doing land office business. People are buying Glock’s and extended clips in anticipation of a crack down.

    Not likely but they don’t take chances.

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