A matter of taste, again…

Victory Arch - Iran/Iraq War .

Disgusting, vulgar, obscenely kitsch – some of the comments that are heard about Saddam Hussein’s Victor Arch, which is now being restored in Baghdad.  One scholar wrote an entire book on the subject of Saddam’s artistic output. [Edward Said felt that the author, Kanan Makiya, an erstwhile booster of the GWB invasion, had tainted motives for his critical tirade.]

One man’s kitsch is another man’s living room. Tolstoy had the same opinion of Napoleon as we have of Saddam, but Boney is a “great man,” and his monuments are gawked at with admiration and reverence by millions of civilized westerners

Napoleon celebrates Austerlitz

9 Responses to A matter of taste, again…

  1. Man of Roma says:

    Yes, a matter of taste. I for example find the Arc de Triomphe really horrible (I perhaps like Saddam’s arch better), with the added and a bit funny (but also annoying) effect that when Asian (and at times, I’m sorry to say, American) tourists come to Rome and see the Arch of Titus (the model) or of Constantine they exclaim: “So what’s the big deal! In Paris they have a much bigger one!”

    • Lichanos says:

      The first time I visited the Parthenon, many years ago, I watched hordes of tourists disembark from buses. The comment I heard most was, “But, it’s so small!”

      Those Greeks, they didn’t build like the Romans!

  2. Man of Roma says:

    Touché. I think I kinda deserved that 🙂

  3. Man of Roma says:

    In any case it was well said.

    • Lichanos says:

      That link was simply advocacy journalism at its worst, i.e., no useful information, just a lot of ranting. The other side has plenty of nearly identical articles.

      You have to stop reading that stuff and start analyzing the data.

      Also, this use of the word ‘denier’ is just a slander. The clear implication is that those who are unconvinced by Jim Hansen and Al Gore are akin to Holocaust deniers, flat earthers, etc. That’s a convenient tack to follow when you don’t want to have to prove your point. The objections are quite mundate and fact-based, as the current rubric goes.

  4. Briana says:

    Do you know what year that top picture was taken? Thanks.

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