Plutocracy is here.

All money, all the time.  As Gore Vidal remarked, there is only one political party in the USA, the party of money.  And now, as we edge towards complete plutocracy, we have a ‘visionary’ president acting as a ‘bridge’ between the ‘two parties.’  That’s the reactionary Republicans, and the Democrats, who have become the left-wing of the reactionary Republicans.

Reform of the financial bad-actors?  Pretty much dead.  Health care reform?  An incremental fix to a jury-rigged system that works badly except for the insurance companies who make piles off of it.  Budget?  Cut, cut, cut…but don’t raise taxes on the wealthy and the corporations.  They are already high enough, at least on paper.  Nobody pays those rates, though.  Wasn’t it Leona Helmsley who said, “Taxes are for little people?”

And those plutocrats, they are not ashamed to hold out their hand for me, after all, they paid for it!  What are all those campaign contributions for?  They squeeze mega-bucks out of the most vulnerable and least affluent sectors of the economy with credit card flim flam, mortgage flim flam, and every other trick in the book.  And they skim mega-billions off of the economy through financial speculation.  How would they do this if there were no economy?  The economy that they ransack is the collective production of all citizens, but they game the system for themselves.  And they, through the Tea Party surrogates, call for Big Government to get off the backs of the citizens.  How convenient.

Not much good news out there.


3 Responses to Plutocracy is here.

  1. Things aren’t looking much better this side of the Atlantic either. Those whose greed caused the current crisis are being rewarded with fat bonus payments, while severe cuts and job losses have been announced for the rest of us. There will be drastic cuts to the National Health Service: Gawd only knows how long that will still keep going. And amidst all the cuts, the various known tax loopholes that benefit the richest will not be addressed. Well, given that teh Chancellor george Osborne personally benefits from these loopholes to the tune of a few million, you don’t really expect it, do you?

  2. troutsky says:

    Thanks for putting Gore Vidal and Leona Helmsley in the same post. I believe an economy is more than collective production and “citizens” have very little to do with it. Citizens exist in the public sphere, consumer-producers in the private and never shall the twain meet.

    • Lichanos says:

      My point about ‘collective production’ was something like this:

      Think of the white collar professional, living a cushy existence, product of a nice state university education, driving to work on vast highways, and ranting about taxes taking his money. Who paid for the roads he drives on, the college he attended? Who made it possible for him to live in an economic regime where his cushy job and salary are possible? We all did – the social collective. There are plenty of smart people in the world who live in abject misery and poverty because they have the bad fortune to be born someplace else. Their brains don’t do them much good – they can’t invent an entire economy on their own!

      From this post:

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