Fata Morganza!

She ain’t no fairy!  Not with this on tap:

Mississippi Flood update: Morganza Spillway opening imminent

From a recent news item:

The Army Corps of Engineers is close to opening the key Morganza floodway to relieve pressure on the levees downstream that protect the more densely populated Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas. The Corps could make the move as early as this weekend, though officials stress that no final decision has been made.

Still, the governor has warned residents in the spillway’s path to assume they’ll have to leave their homes. With that threat looming, some 25,000 people in an area known for small farms, fish camps, crawfish and a drawling French dialect are hurriedly packing and worrying that their homes and way of life might soon be drowned.

At a meeting Thursday, Army Corps of Engineers Col. Ed Fleming warned a crowd at a volunteer fire station that where they were standing was projected to be swamped by up to 15 feet of water from Mississippi River flooding. The crowd let out a collective gasp.

“From the ground?” an incredulous resident shouted.

“From the ground,” replied Fleming, head of the corps’ New Orleans district.

More details on the Old River Control Structure here.   More inundation maps are available here.

Well, it’s sugar for sugar
And salt for salt
If you go down in the flood
It’s gonna be your own fault
Crash on the Levee – Bob Dylan

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2 Responses to Fata Morganza!

  1. troutsky says:

    Hurricanes, oil spills and floods. The delta seems to be the epicenter of something bad.

  2. Regi says:

    Time for me to re-read John McPhee’s ‘Atchafalaya’ in the Control of Nature.

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