Doggone it!

I don’t think it’s a joke:  the Nazis believed all sorts of outlandish things.  Now it comes out (why now?) that they had a project to train dogs to speak and perform military tasks.  They wanted to create an army of Nazi dogs!

In 1998, I read The Lives of the Monster Dogs, a novel that takes place in Manhattan in 2008 when a bunch of walking, talking dogs, with Prussian accents, become celebrities.  They escaped from a remote town founded by a Prussian officer hoping to do exactly what the Nazis wanted to do.  I guess the author, Kirstin Bakis, scooped the news long ago.

And on the topic of talking dogs, Jim Thompson’s novel, The Golden Gizmo, a macabrely comic tale, features a deadly Doberman that talks and sings along with hymns.


3 Responses to Doggone it!

  1. J. Iccapot says:

    Not about Nazis but about talking dogs is the SF Novel The City by C. D. Simak (a collection of short stories published from mid ’40 on, and later
    collected in a book).
    In the novel one of the last men on the Earth (a ‘Webster’) creates talking dogs: “surgically
    provides dogs with a means of speech and better vision.” cit. from Wikipedia.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Try Georgi Vladimov’s “Faithful Ruslan”

    It’s narrated from a Gulag guard dog’s point of view after the closing of the camp.

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