Poll: Are you philosophical?

We all have little imperatives that make up our individual philosophies with which we face life.   Things like I should be happy with what I have, I must complain less, try more, accept people as they are, not try to control everything, live for the day, etc. etc. etc.  They come from our moral code, our intellectualizing, our experience, religion…wherever.

We all know that we don’t usually do such a great job of following our own great advice to ourselves.  Now, here’s my question:


One Response to Poll: Are you philosophical?

  1. Yes, we may all have our ideals, but in the messy hurlyburly that is life, most of us, I guess, just muddle through as best we can, doing what seems best at the time. Generally, I feel, I can behave more nobly when things ae going my way.

    A popular question in blog-meme questionnaires is “When would you lie?” The usual answer is “To spare someone’s feelings”. My honest answer would be “When it is convenient for me to do so, and I think I can get away with it.” Were it not for that latter consideration, I fear I may well have ended up becoming a habitual liar! 🙂

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