Banker Man

Niccolò di Leonardo Strozzi, banker to the Renaissance Papal court, on display at the Met in the recent exhibit on portraiture.  His sins may have been many, but personal vanity does not appear to have been one of them.


6 Responses to Banker Man

  1. Man of Roma says:

    Sins … the Anglo Saxon view of the Italian Renaissance.

  2. imagenmots says:

    I’m afraid our traditional teachings when I was in Québec’s French and Catholic schools did say that the Renaissance in Italy was a sinful period starting at the papal level and going all the way down to the lesser people.
    Perhaps the Renaissance is not yet over?

    • Lichanos says:

      Just wondering…what era did your teachers cite as properly pious and virtuous?? Was there one?

      • imagenmots says:

        Yes, the very early Christian era, the beginings, the period of the martyrs and catacombs. After that it was less spiritual and more formal or ritualistic and political, especially after Justinian, so we were told.

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