State of the Police

News on the incredible case of Adrian Schoolcraft, who was thrown into a mental hospital for six days to try to cover up his documenting of NYPD abuses.  What with periodic shootings of young black men, subsequently found to be unarmed, and things like this, it’s hard to feel trusting towards New York’s Finest.

He’s not so crazy after all.

An NYPD report supports the claims made by Officer Adrian Schoolcraft, the Brooklyn cop who accused the NYPD of throwing him into a mental hospital because he complained supervisors were cooking the books to make the crime rate seem lower.

The 95-page report was completed in June 2010 but never released. Jon Norinsberg, Schoolcraft’s lawyer, called it “a very strong vindication” of Schoolcraft’s claims.

“It’s unfortunate that this has not been disclosed to the public,” Norinsberg said. “But it will all come out when this goes to trial.”

One Response to State of the Police

  1. 1epc says:

    I think that it’s unethical, to subject a person to a mental hospital, because they chooses to expose corruption in a matter.

    This proves that many avenues are used to exploit humans, fraud the government and abuse the vunerable people of this society.

    A whistleblower, is what corrupted government needs, but also, this government needs to prosecute the individuals who’s responsible for COVERUPS and abuses and stop the game of ‘protecting’ the ‘elete’, because they supposedly have ‘immunity’.

    This is a contridiction to law, for on one hand, the law says we have rights, while at the same time, protecting those who commit crimes, under the name of ‘protection’/’immunity ‘.

    The Supreme Laws, need to change, to coincude with the crime, for too many governmental employees, are brainedwashed into believing that because they work for the government, they have the right to violate laws!

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