Stop and Frisk Silent March

Today, I marched against the NYC Stop and Frisk policy.  The march was to be a silent one, in the tradition of hhistorical antecedents, and, as marches go, it was pretty quiet – no chanting, no music.  It began at the northeast corner of Central Park, where there is a fairly new monument honoring Duke Ellington.

A few shots from the 1199 Service Workers Union contingent where I was marching.

[Note 6/18:  I was engaged in a conversation about the demonstration by a young Ukranian visitor who was trying to understand the issues.  I wish I could have given him this excellent piece on ‘data driven policing’ that appeared in the NYTimes today.  It wraps up with this simple and essential comment:  Policing in a democracy is not easy, nor is it meant to be. Reducing crime numbers is simple if you disregard basic rights, ignore victims, mandate quotas and manipulate numbers.  This earlier post is also relevant.]

I liked these signs:  the photo on the right is of the Teacher’s Union contingent.

Just happened to pass by this museum advertising this show.  Amusing, given the context, not to mention the attention to Michelle Obama’s racial heritage in the NYTimes in the last few days.  And then there’s that book, Pym, that I just read.


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