And unto us a son is born.

I was watching The Terminator 2 the other day since I’d never seen the whole thing.  Also, I watched the first of the series a few weeks ago, and that finally made clear to me why Arnold was a villain first, then a good guy, or machine.  As science fiction, it is ordinary, but as an action film, I thought it was terrific.  Of course, anything with a chase in the Los Angeles River gets my attention.

I also thought it was an entertaining re-do of the Nativity story, and I’m always up for that.  Some guy from the future comes back in time and impregnates an unwitting female, about as immaculate as you can get without actually doing it, because, you see, the father isn’t even born yet.  And John, the boy, is born to save man from the machines after Judgment Day falls upon them as a nuclear Apocalypse brought on by their own sinful pride in their technology.  John goes through a period of trials until he realizes his calling, in the desert of course.

So, does this make the Terminator robot a stand-in for John the Baptist?  He too gave his life for standing up to a prophet of evil.

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