Höfði House, Long After

This is the house where Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1986, effectively ending the Cold War.  As one who grew up during those days when nuclear annihilation was a daily, and real possibility, I had to visit.  Much as I detest Ronald Reagan, and all he stood for, I must credit him for having the independence to go against his advisers and make this meeting happen (more here).

As I mention in the post linked just above, Reagan, a movie man to his core, was moved to oppose his own advisors by a TV film, The Day After.

This a a photograph inside the house, but it almost looks like wax figures.  Now that would be an interesting installation!

The house is in an isolated spot by the bay in downtown Reykjavic, which probably was a major reason for selecting it.  It would have been easy to provide complete security for the building.  One of the meeting rooms.  The house used to be the French Consulate.

2 Responses to Höfði House, Long After

  1. sledpress says:

    This is the most compelling thing I’ve seen blogged in a long time.

    I remember it too, all too well — that frantic sense that crazy men inaccessible to common humanity regarded nuclear bombardment as only one expedient option that needed to be left on the table.

    I didn’t sleep my whole tenth year for thinking about it (well, I suppose I did, but not fruitfully). One day years after that a squirrel self-destructed on the transformer at the end of our driveway, in exactly the direction of central DC where I would expect a bomb to be aimed. The flash and noise sent me diving under the bed.

    I can only be grateful for the Aristotelian evocation of pity and terror. I remember the end of that schlocky movie, too.

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