Discovering Columbus..?

I went to discover Columbus, that is, to visit the living room that Tatzu Nishi has constructed around his statue in Columbus Circle, NYC as a public art project.  It’s weird being face to face with the sculpture which I never got a decent look at, since it stands high atop a column in a busy intersection.  Some students in line behind me remarked how “some people” don’t like Columbus, and how “he did really screw things up for a lot of people who were here first.”

Not sure that there is anything to be had from this artistic spectacle other than a very novel view of a public fixture, and some great views of the avenues.  I did recall, however, that when I first came to NYC, and for many years thereafter, Columbus Circle was a hellaciously ugly intersection.  At least it’s getting some positive attention now.


7 Responses to Discovering Columbus..?

  1. Man of Roma says:

    This post is amazing from many points of view although it is late for me now (23:17) and I had a very tough day.
    I might re-blog some of your posts that are close to the MoR’s themes, if you allow it.

    Your mind is vast, Lichanos, which stimulates dialectics, idea and all.


    • Lichanos says:

      Feel free to reblog at will!

      My mind is vast? I think it is empty too! At least, I’m trying to make it so…

      All I have ever been interested in is ideas, thus, I often feel that I live on another planet.

      • Man of Roma says:

        It *is* vast. Don’t play with me the Anglo-Saxon (culturally + your Palestine’s roots) game of being selflessly selful 😉 , or, another more ancient trick i cannot tell.

      • Man of Roma says:

        Ur ‘blinded’ by the ideas … liko Plato, or any philosopher of the street, or big shots like Talete – or Einstein – who risk accidents …. bla bla

      • Man of Roma says:

        Right, empty as it should be according to oriental meditation … and, caring only about ideas? Very platonic. On another planet? Or way beyond those inner spheres? Don’t we all, by the way, come from the Milky Way – sprayed by some goddess’ splendid knockers (or bazookas, if you prefer) – where we’re bound to return?
        Glad our two wives keep us sticking to the ground … although, should not they hurl (better, help) us up to the stars, like Dante’s Beatrice?
        Am i just fooling around, being now here 08:43 am, and having gone to bed at 3:43 (7+7+1)?

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