NYC Flooding

Floods are natural events, and and they have predictable consequences.  One of them is the disruption of ecological niches for various flora and fauna.  Some plants are adapted to periodic seawater inundation, but animals must simply flee.  For some of the millions of rats that make NYC subways their home, escape was not possible.  I’m sure they will return in force, however, as soon as the tunnels are pumped out.

You can hardly blame the rats for returning to a risky habitat since their life spans are rather short, and they don’t invest in capital facilities.  Not so our human brethren who will quickly rebuild communities in some of the most unstable regions known in the northeast, the shores and barrier islands of NJ and NY state.


One Response to NYC Flooding

  1. And humans do that all over the world including in Canada’s flood plains. Where they have stable soil they make them unstable by deforestation, mining, fracking and every means they can think of.. They cling to volacano slopes because they are fertile…after a while and until the next eruption. We, as a specie, never learn from the past.

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