Another Landmark

Another downtown favorite, just around the block from the Corbin Building.  This is the Keuffel & Esser Building, built for the firm of K & E, maker of pens, drafting supplies, and slide-rules (Anyone ever use one of those?  Before my time!)  Now completely obscured by scaffolding, but soon to be revealed in all its glory. 

This is the NYC Landmarks Commission report.

2 Responses to Another Landmark

  1. Ducky's here says:

    I had a K&E slide rule.
    Don’t know what happened to it but it was made well enough to last for some time.

  2. Lichanos says:

    Yeah! I remember playing with ones my father used in engineering school – they were beautifully made. That’s what I liked about them – the smooth action of their slipping and sliding. I never learned to use one, and by the time I studied engineering, they were curiosities.

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