Kriemhild, Attila, c. 450 A.D. by Fritz Lang


From Fritz Lang’s Nibelungen:  Siegfried is dead, murdered at the behest of Gunther, King of Burgundy.  The widow, Kriemhild, Gunther’s sister, resolves to leave the court and seek revenge.  An offer of marriage comes to her from Attila (aka the Hun), and she accepts.  See the animated GIF below.

As she rides away, her escort asks if she doesn’t want to hail her family once more.  The answer is “No.”  Her mother cries; the court poet smashes his instrument in anguish.  She arrives at the court of the Huns, taken aback by the crude barbarism of it.  Attila is transfixed by his bride to be.


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[Anthony Burgess wrote a great story about Attila the Hun, simply titled Hun, that describes his anxieties and preoccupations as he ravages the Roman Empire.  It was published in a collection, The Devil’s Mode.]

4 Responses to Kriemhild, Attila, c. 450 A.D. by Fritz Lang

  1. I didn’t know there was a ‘sequel’ to the Ring! Alas, this one is not on Netflix. Where did you find it?

  2. sledpress says:

    Good Heavens. I own “The Devils Mode” and have never read it through.

    Attila having died in the bride-bed — a matter which offers me much hilarity — I had better correct this omission and see what Burgess, a favorite of mine, did with it.

  3. Ducky's here says:

    Seek revenge. Does she ever.
    It’s a better realized film than Metropolis.

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