Boehner: Le roi fainéant

From the New York Times today:

Among those who placed him in his post and could conceivably remove him, the test of his leadership seems to be how little action he takes. In a closed-door meeting and subsequent news conference this week, Mr. Boehner said the House was done negotiating over spending cuts until the Senate “begins to do something.”

From Wikipedia:

Roi fainéant, literally “do-nothing king” and so presumptively “lazy king“, is a French term primarily used to refer to the later kings of the Merovingian dynasty, after they seemed to have lost their initial energy. They were considered and portrayed “useless” by Carolingian kings and even early modern historians, though current historical opinion is more nuanced.

3 Responses to Boehner: Le roi fainéant

  1. troutsky says:

    As Joni Mitchell sang : “Nothing can be done.”

  2. Ducky's here says:

    What’s the option, Paul Ryan?

    Who’s John Galt? It’s bleak.

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