Apocalypse Then and Now…

Oh, the horror, the horror..  Uh, yes, that’s Brando there, above and below, but only one of them as Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. The other is from Mutiny on the Bounty.  No coincidence, I’m certain of that.

I just finished Conrad’s Heart of Darkness again after watching AN for the first time since it was released. Maybe I’ll write about that more later.


2 Responses to Apocalypse Then and Now…

  1. sledpress says:

    Thpft! I hadn’t thought about Brando in “Bounty” for years.

    Some while back I worked politically for a protest candidate who had been — according to him, and he may have been telling the truth — shot down in a helicopter in Nam in 1969; he certainly had the shattered knee to support the claim. (He was a notorious liar about many things which is why I retained a reservation.) “I don’t want to talk about it, just watch the first half hour of Apocalypse Now,” he said. I’d never seen it. I rented the Director’s Cut and watched it with my Albino Ex, discovering that Coppola cherished many ells of footage that should have been left on the cutting room floor. “No more Director’s Cuts ever!” yelled the Ex.

    But really — what is it about Brando? That knack for expressing an uncomprehending, almost animal, yet anguished experience of a senseless train of events? “Stellaaaaaa!”

  2. Lichanos says:

    Well, I didn’t like like Apocalypse Now in 1980, and I didn’t like it last month. But then, I didn’t like The Godfather either…

    But I do like Brando! And after watching Blue Jasmine (which I do not recommend) I watched Streetcar again, and it’s a corker. New Orleans is pretty neat too, which I just found out!

    But really, Brando didn’t have all that much to do in AN, just be bald and…well…Brando. $3.5 million for thirty days of location work: not bad!

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