Chris Christie and Henry II

Christie participates in interview during the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council annual meeting in Washington Royals Peter OToole

Let’s think about how Christie is not like Henry II, just for fun. Well, Christie will never be played by Peter O’Toole, or anyone like that actor.  But then, we don’t really know what Henry looked like. Enough on that point.

Henry had problems with his over-zealous staff too.  He was pissed at his former protegé, Beckett, who wouldn’t toe his line. In a rage, he let loose with, “Will no one rid me of this priest!”  Some staff members obliged, the murdered archbishop was made a saint, and thus we have The Canterbury Tales, fictional stories told by some pilgrims to pass the time on their journey to the shrine.

There wasn’t much of a tradition in those days of plausible deniability, but still, it did take Henry II four years to do public penance at Canterbury. Things move faster these days.  Christie has said that he’s sorry, that his trusted aides were stupid, that he knew nothing about it, that he is humiliated, etc. etc. etc.  Can we hope to see him barebacked, in a toll collection lane, kneeling on the pavement and facing Fort Lee while he scourges himself with a knotted whip?

That would be something!

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