Adam and Eve…revealed

Her 2 and 1/2  minute blurb on Durer’s masterwork is great!  Check it out, and the other quick takes by curators on 100 works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s a marvelous series.

One Response to Adam and Eve…revealed

  1. I went to the Met site, watched about 10 or more of them, they are great. Thanks for the tip. Thanks, too, for liking my stuff; may I ask why? I read a couple more of your posts—good stuff too. I like the von Braun and Flaubert quotes; for different reasons of course, the former as reflecting of things and the latter for the state of me. By the way, I’m revisiting my lost youth—a modified bucket list, really–by reading, or rereading, books that then I either should have read or did read and didn’t get. “Heart of Darkness” I’ve finished, but “Gravity’s Rainbow” is still to be tackled. Movies too; l’ll now add “L’avventura” to the list, thanks. Keep up the good work.

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