Bad Dream, Good Dream

More random mental activity from my somnolent state…or is it random?

End of the World Coming:

[I have been watching Waterworld (low expectations) while I exercise, so perhaps that is the source of my apocalyptic preoccupation.  As if I need one!]

I am in a hotel or conference center.  Then end of the world is coming, although I don’t know why at all.  I am packing up a rucksack.  My wife is doing the same somewhere nearby.  I am being very thorough – lots of socks and underwear.  A whole slew of gloves, but many of them appear to be fancy leather dress gloves.  Ear muffs, earphones [?]

People around me are getting frantic.  I say, “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m not surprised.”

  She Hid My Stuff:

I am in a big stadium, but it is empty.  I am down on the playing field with a young woman.  She has hidden some clothes of mine under a bench.  She looks sort of like Carly Simon.  [I saw this album cover after a chorus performance of songs from the 1970s that my wife was in yesterday.]

Finally, she takes me to the bench where I can retrieve my clothes.  A coat, sort of a velvet material, and some other things, and they have mud on them, which I point out to her.

Why?” I say.

I thought (you thought) I was fat,” she replies.

You should have said something, and I would have said that you’re beautiful.  Stay with me.

We embrace and lie down on the grass, staying there for hours as it grows dark.


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