Six Degrees of Kiss Me Deadly..?


One of my favorite films, advertised here with a scene that never happened in the story.  That’s Ralph Meeker as Mike Hammer questioning Lily Carver, played by Gaby Rodgers.


Wonder what her Uncle Ed would have to say about the mis en scene.


Here we have Mike and his secretary, Velda, played by Maxine Cooper.  She’s pretty smart, and does a lot of his leg work.



He pimps her out to adulterers to get dirt to blackmail his divorce-case clients.  Does pretty well for himself.

Maxine Cooper gave up on acting to raise her children and to agitate in liberal causes.  Somewhere along the way, she became friends with that Hollywood leftie, Howard Fast.


Howie got into Zen:  Maxine did the photos for his book.



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