City of Fear


He’s in there somewhere!

City of Fear (1959) isn’t all that good of a movie, but it had its moments.  Vince Edwards stars as a ruthless pusher on the run after a breakout from prison.  He took a canister of powder with him that he thinks is pure heroin being used in special “junkie trials” in the infirmary, but it’s actually Cobalt-16, “the most deadly element in existence.”  The police are running a race against time to find him before the mayor of LA makes an announcement of the situation and causes full pandemonium in town.

Meeting up with his girlfriend, he explains why he had to break out, kill those guys, and make off with the “snow.”

“I’m not an animal.  I’m a person; I want things.”

Yep, the human condition.

On the run, running out of time, dying of radiation poisoning:  a nice shot juxtaposing a desperate man and better times, a la kitsch.

And maybe he is an animal after all.  A social pest…

In the end, just another specimen.  The cops look on:  “C’mon, I want to go home.”

That’s all folks.


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